Sam Abay

Sam is new to the Evolve Driving team in 2021 and has quickly proven himself to be a passionate, level headed and caring instructor. Sam wants his drivers to achieve as much as they possibly can throughout a day with him.


First Car:

First car was and still is my 1980 Toyota Corolla named Mustard Man, because he’s the colour of Mustard. Bought him in 2010 and will never sell! 


Grew up: 

Never, but in terms of location I lived in Hawthorn VIC for the first 15 years of life. Good neighbourhood.


Interests outside of motorsport:

My hobbies include refurbishing, ie fixing up things like cars, car parts, furniture, and general items that’s are in need of repair or a new lease of life. I guess I like conserving what’s there rather than being wasteful. 


I also love food and food experiences like going to wineries and sampling all their own produce, or going to new restaurants and ordering as much as possible to get a good understanding of what that place is really about, which does sometimes translate into my own cooking although my culinary skills could do with improvement!

Love to travel to new places (although that’s a bit harder these days). 

I love house music, I’ve been toying with the idea of learning how to DJ! 


Favourite book:

Born Free by Joy Adamson

Favourite movie:

The Blues Brothers


Started racing:

At the age of 9 in go-karts, then progressed to Porsche 944’s, Formula BMW Asia, Formula BMW UK and then Formula 3 UK.


A Racing Story:

Back in 2006 while I was testing in Formula BMW at Sepang, I was roughly 100 meters away from the car in front and as he exited a fast corner I witnessed him drive right over a huge snake which had decided to cross the track at the time. Needless to say the poor bugger was completely obliterated, which was obvious for the fact that snake guts found themselves airborne, thus making me have to dodge it all evasively! 

The birds would have had a good lunch that day.


Why Evolve:

To be a team member of Evolve means to be a part of the best run private track day team in the country. It also means to have fun and share those good times with the participants, so it never feels like work. 


I get motivated when I’m able to share what I know best with someone and have them not only learn from it, but also genuinely improve their skills which they can take with them forever, all while having fun in the process. 


To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle - Dalai Lama