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Motorsport Australia OLT Assessment

Complete your race license accreditation with Evolve Driving


Evolve Driving is proud to be an approved private operator for the Motorsport Australia Observed License Test.

Simply book onto one of our Performance Driving Events with a P1 package and note that you would like to use the booking to undertake your Motorsport Australia OLT assessment. You will also need to complete the required documentation (available on the Motorsport Australia website) and bring it along on the day.

Please Note: While the P1 package normally offers instruction, for the purposes of an OLT your instruction sessions will be swapped for observation sessions. You are expected to be prepared and suitably skilled to obtain your racing licence when you book this. If you feel that you need instruction prior to successfully being assessed for your Motorsport Australia OLT, consider booking a P1 event for a date prior to your assessment.

For any further information on Motorsport Australia OLT assessment or to find out how we can support you to achieve your driving goals, contact us now!

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