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How do we arrange our event?

  • Contact us to discuss the aims of your event, ie- product launch, team building program, etc. We will discuss the various options that are avilable to you (too many to list here) and let you know how to proceeed from there. 

We have limited time available, can we arrange a half day event?
  • Our Corporate Drive Events are very flexible so we can shape the program to meet your needs, including half day programs. Please be aware that the shorter the time you have the less items that we can incorporate into your program. Contact us about your needs and we will arrange a program that covers your main aims within the time frame available.

What can be included in our corporate event?
  • The Evolve Driver Training & Event Corporate Drive Event programs can include almost anything you want. From driving activities through gourmet catering and everything in between. If you have any ideas of things you want to be sure to include then let us know, if you are unsure of what you want then let us draw upon our vast experience to help you develop a program that will be entertaining and meet your needs.  

Why should we consider a Corporate Drive Event rather than a traditional team building activity (night out, go-karting, paint-ball, etc.)?
  • A Corporate Drive Event program will not only give you a great format for team building with plenty of interactive driving activities but will also provide your staff with a valuable 'life skill' that will benefit them in the workplace and in their personal lives. The program will leave a lasting impression on all participants and they will have had fun and learned a lot along the way - thats a true rewards for your businesses most valuable assets. 

There may be participants who will not have their usual vehicle available for our corporate event (travelling from interstate, etc.)?
  • The formats used provide a structure where car sharing (2 people per vehicle) means that nobody will miss out on their driving activities. If you need to arrange vehicles for your event then let us know and we can source a suitable vehicle however this may not be available for all event formats due to insurance issues.  

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