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Do I use my own car?
  • Yes you do use your own car for this course. Using your own vehicle will give you a better understanding of its features and handling combined with your interaction with it. Driving your own car also gives you a familiar environment to learn in, allowing you to take in more information rather than trying to learn a new car and new technique at high speed.

Do I need to bring my own food?
  • No you do not need to bring food, we supply full catering for our events including tea, coffee, snacks and hot lunch. If you have any specific dietary requirements please let us know.

What safety items do I need for this event?
  • This course is conducted on the race track without speed limits. You are required to wear;

    • an Australian Standards helmet (motorsport or road motorbike). 

    • Just as with normal driving, sensible shoes (no thongs or heels), thin soled shoes are recommended to give you optimum feel of your pedals for control.

    • Long sleeves and pants

What time does the event start & finish?
  • Most events begin at 8:30am sharp with registration from 8:00am.

  • The course usually concludes by 5:00pm.

Should I be concerned about safety on the course?
  • As with all Evolve Driver Training & Events programs we prioritize safety before any other subject.

  • We recommend that you complete appropriate driver training prior to attending this level course. A well-structured defensive driving course (such as our Defensive Road Safety program) will set up a lot of the awareness and skills that you will need to participate in this level course safely and competently.

  • We set out and police some very clear safety rules including Track sharing protocols and on track behavior expectations. This is a driver training event so the focus is on improving driver skills not racing for a prize.

  • There are no speed limits on this event, you are pushing you and your cars limits so safety can not 100% guaranteed. 

What venues does this course run at?
  • The Performance Circuit Driving course is conducted on various race tracks around Australia. 

Can I have someone join me on the day just as a spectator/crew?


​Spectators are welcome on our Performance Driving events. All spectators or mechanics must have a pre-booked guest ticket, this ticket includes event access, insurance and security as well as access to the prepaid tab at the cafeteria/food truck (coffee, snacks, drinks etc) and hot buffet lunch. All spectators must fill out an indemnity form and adhere to all safety requirements throughout the day. Your guest is your responsibility so please ensure they are aware of the environment they are visiting.

Why do I need to pay for my guest? They won't eat anything.

Even if your guests doesn't intend to eat anything, our catering is available and accessible for everyone and therefore we are unable to separate 'eating and non eating' spectators. Additionally, this guest ticket also covers event access, insurance and security. 

I have been driving in car club events for a while now and was taught by an experienced club member. How can a Performance Circuit Driving course help me?


The structure, amount of track time, limited on track traffic, and of course the professional instructor team make the investment of attending this course to improve yourself as a driver well worth it.

  • There are benefits for everyone and it is all amazing fun! 

  • There are no guarantees of just how much lap time improvement you will make as everyone starts from a different point and will need to learn different things however you will either;

    • reduce your lap times,

    • be able to consistently achieve your lap times

    • be more aware of how to drive safely at speed

    • have an amazing day out on track without speed limits

What if the weather is bad?

The program runs in all weather conditions although some components may be altered for safety.

What should I do to ensure my car is ready for the event?

Your Car Will Be Driven In A High Performance Manner so you will need to check (Or Have Checked For You) the following Items;:

- Tyres: Set For ‘On Track’ Driving With At Least 6 To 10psi Higher Air Pressure Than Standard Recommendation. If Using Track Specific Tyres Please Refer To Your Tyre Dealer For Suitable Settings.

- Brakes: Ensure That You Have Sufficient Brake Pad Material For Regular High Speed & High Pressure Stopping. Also Ensure That You Have Good Quality Brake Fluid And An Adequate Fluid Level.

- Belts/Harness: Check All Belts (Including Passenger Side) Are Mounted Correctly And Are Not Worn/Frayed. If You Have A Harness Fitted Be Sure That It Meets CAMS Safety Standards (Link: Http://

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