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Do I use my own car?


Yes - using your own vehicle will give you a better understanding of its features and handling combined with your interaction with it. Driving your own car also gives you a familiar environment to learn in, allowing you to take in more information rather than trying to learn a new car and technique.

Do I need to bring lunch?


No - we supply basic catering for most events. Please advise us if you have any specific dietary requirements. Basic morning tea is provided upon arrival.

What safety items do I need for this program?


This course is designed to reflect on road driving so no additional safety equipment is required. Just as with normal driving, wear sensible shoes (no thongs or heels) and suitable clothing for the weather conditions.

What time does the course start & finish?
  • Most events begin at 8:45am sharp with registration from 8:00am.


  • The course usually concludes by 4:30pm.

Should I be concerned about safety on the course?
  • No - this program is designed to make you a safer driver so safety is our first and main priority in all activities. If you do everything as requested by your instructor then we will all be safe – you, other participants and our instructor team.


  • Your car will not be subjected to any excess stress or wear & tear. The driving activities are designed to represent your everyday driving environment so any roadworthy vehicle shouldn’t have any troubles.


  • There is only ever one vehicle completing an activity at any time so there is no risk of vehicle to vehicle contact.


  • We set up cones to mark out driving activities and you may hit one (or more) during the day, however the cones are soft and will fold under your vehicle.

Can I have someone join me on the day just as a spectator?
  • This is not a spectator style event and we do not have any resources for spectators, i.e. no seating, catering, supervision, etc.


  • Due to insurance and safety issues they cannot join you as a passenger.


  • If you are a parent/guardian supervising a Learner Driver on this program please see below. 

I am a Learner Driver, do I need a supervising driver with me?

Please contact us if you are a parent/guardian supervising a Learner Driver on this program. We offer a discounted package to have you both participate in the full day.


We recommend that the supervising driver fully participate in the program as well as the Learner Driver, there are a number of reasons for this:

  • As a supervising driver when did you last upskill your driving, what driving experience are you teaching?

  • You should be aiming to keep the information being taught to your Learner Driver consistent. If you teach them, a learner instructor teaches them and then we teach them things can get confusing as no doubt each avenue of information will be different. If you also participate on the Defensive Road Safety program and learn the same techniques and awareness that the Learner Driver receives then you will be able to keep the information consistent beyond the event and therefore it is more likely to be followed through in the real world.

  • After completing the Defensive Road Safety program you’re your Learner Driver you will be able to continue observing each other so that you continue to put the awareness and techniques presented on the course into practice in the real world where it counts.

What venues is this course conducted at?
  • The Defensive Road Safety program is conducted on various closed course venues including race tracks throughout Australia. Although we do conduct some events on race tracks we do not use the full circuit, instead using open areas of tarmac to allow safe maneuvering of your vehicle so don’t bring your race helmet thinking you will get to do laps.

  • We also use other suitable areas of closed road tarmac and can conduct training at your venue if it passes our safety audit.

  • This course does not include ‘on road’ driving however all aspects of the training relate directly to your everyday driving environment. We can conduct ‘on road’ observation post event to assess the integration of the techniques introduced to your real world driving.

I have been driving crash free for a number of years, why would I need to do a driving course?


The Evolve Defensive Road Safety program is designed to benefit drivers of all ages and experience;

  • It is remarkable how many experienced drivers leave the course astonished at how much they learn about reducing their own crash risk even though they had been driving crash free for years. The course content is not basic and is presented in a style that involves every participant and gets them thinking about driving in a very different manner. You will be amazed at how much you were never taught!

  • Most experienced drivers went through the ‘learning to drive’ process many years ago. They may have been taught by their parents and had a few lessons with a professional learner instructor who helped them to ‘get a licence’. Once they passed the test most have never made any further effort to improve their driving, it is likely that they have not even checked up on any road rule changes since they got their licence let alone become more aware of the features of a modern car!​

I have recently passed my licence test, what more can a driving course help me with that I haven't already been taught?

Passing a driving test rarely provides you with the experience and attitude ;

  • With all the right intentions parents are often the ones who teach young drivers. Unfortunately that means that most young drivers get taught bad habits that parents may have unknowingly developed over the years or outdated techniques.

  • Simply teaching and assessing a young drivers knowledge and adherence to the road rules doesn’t help to establish appropriate behavioral responses that need to be practiced for a driver to be safe on our roads.

  • A properly structured driver training program that includes driving activities that bring to life the difficult task of driving on our roads matched with suitable techniques to minimize crash risk behaviour will improve the safety for young drivers who are the highest risk category on our roads.



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