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Evolve 'The Event' to suit your needs!


Our Corporate Drive Events can be formatted to meet your goals. We can help you achieve your goals of team building, brand promotions or exciting product launches.  


A Drive Event is a great way to reward your staff or an exciting way to interact with your clients. Most events include some training aspects to mix with the fun, so everyone takes something valuable away from the event. 


Product or service launch (vehicle manufacturer/dealers)

If you are launching a new vehicle or service, it is vitally important to involve your audience.

A well-structured drive event program will give you the chance to provide a 'hands on' experience of a new product/service while reinforcing your brand relationship. Whether your audience are staff, valuable business relations, existing or potential clients, connectivity in a professional drive event format will enhance and differentiate your brand image in a crowded marketplace.


Team building event

A Drive Event program can be a great team building experience for your staff, while giving them the added benefit of learning some life skills behind the wheel. We can tailor a program that offers educational features combined with some fun driving activities that include teamwork components.

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