Evolve 'The Driver' to make you safer!


Our Defensive Road Safety program is designed to improve driver Attitude, Awareness & Technique to achieve real road safety crash rate reductions.


The Defensive Road Safety program runs for a full day at one of our controlled off-road venues throughout Australia (some parts of this program may be delivered at your workplace to reduce ‘out of office’ time). The program combines interactive theory discussions in the classroom along with controlled driving activities related to common road scenarios. This structure has proven successful in achieving positive changes in driver behavior and skill. 


Driving happens in the real world so it is important that the course structure reflects this and participants are not subject to learning solely in a classroom or from a computer simulation. Positive interaction with an experienced and passionate professional instructor makes participation enjoyable for everyone.


Specific training formats can be designed to meet your requirements. For example, your business may have an issue such as vehicle damage caused during slow vehicle car park maneuvering within its fleet – we can arrange a format with a focus to improve this. 

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