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Mitch Gilmour

Mitch joined the Evolve Driving team in 2021 and has quickly become liked by all. Mitch is quiet, but gives drivers clear instruction to improve their abilities. Although he might not strike up a convo, he is always happy to chat if you break the ice first!


First Car: 1999 Subaru Liberty


Grew Up: Glen Waverley, Vic


Outside of motorsport: Spectating motorsport, making things, long drives through the hills


Favourite book/movie: How to build a car - Adrian Newey


Started in motorsport: 18 years old, with my first car

Funny story about your time in motorsport: First track day at Phillip Island, in the Liberty, I was chasing a relatively new Mustang, but would continually lose out to it down the straight. Only to catch back up by turn 12 again. After the session, the owner of the Mustang wandered past to have a look and said that his wife had the same car as me, and was thinking that he might need to bring the Liberty instead of his Mustang next time.

What made you want to join Evolve Driving: I was looking to take up more driver training and having heard about the fantastic team and how well the events are run, I figured why not join a team that love what they do.


Motivation: There's no better feeling than having someone who is completely new to track driving and sharing your knowledge with them, only to see them become a more than capable driver at the track.

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