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Evolve Driving - COVID Safe Policy

Please make yourself aware of the following important information.

At Evolve Driving we allow adults the freedom to make their own well-informed choices when it comes to participating in our activities. It is an incumbent responsibility for every participant to do their own due diligence and acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with these activities. Previously the risk referred to was focused on driving at unrestricted speeds on a racetrack but now it also encompasses the risk of COVID transmission. 

Most of our instructor team have already voiced their support and intention to return to the cockpit to instruct drivers on our events based on the health management protocols that we have put into place. They understand the value of providing professional coaching to drivers to improve their on-track experience which is a mainstay of Evolve Driving’s philosophy and they want to continue this. 

As with all our events, Evolve Driving has a range of structures and formats in place to minimize risks of driving incidents and now reducing the risk of disease transmission as well. The final choice for what is safe and suitable is solely that of the driver, instructor, and other attendees. Evolve Driving, the circuit operators, other sub-contractors, and even strict government health guidelines cannot guarantee your health and safety in all situations. 

If you do not feel comfortable, it is up to you to decide not to participate. 


To assist with mitigating COVID-19 transmission and to provide a suitable ‘self-distancing’ environment for you we will be implementing the following actions.

  1. Restricted Attendance

    1. We request that anyone presenting any medical symptoms such as coughing, fever, etc or if you have recently travelled to a high-risk area then please DO NOT ATTEND the event.

  2. Health Monitoring

    1. We (or the venue) will assess & monitor your temperature upon arrival. 

  3. Attendance/Group Numbers

    1. You will be divided into drive group to assist with maintaining required health regulations. We request that you avoid socializing beyond your allocated group. 

  4. Social Distancing

    1. Regardless of masks, temperature checks, etc you are still required to maintain a minimum of 1.5m distance between each other at all times. 

    2. For any indoor areas (including garages, even if both sides are open) you must adhere to the 1 person in a 4x4m area. This means 2 people maximum per garage at any one time. 

    3. Do not shake hands or make any physical contact with other attendees.

  5. Sign-In & Safety Briefings

    1. Most of the sign-in process will be completed online before you attend the event. 

    2. If you do need to complete any part of the sign-in upon event arrival then please maintain a safe social distance to others (our staff or other drivers). Markers will be placed on the ground to indicate safe distances.

    3. The main safety briefing will be provided pre-event via email in both a written form and a video format for you to read and view and also sign-off on. 

    4. It is mandatory to watch and read this information and when signing in you will be acknowledging that you read and viewed the safety information provided and that you agree to maintain the required safety and on-track standards as described. 

    5. Driver briefings will be conducted in outside areas in smaller groups (refer to your drive groups).

    6. The drivers briefing will be a summary of main safety information that you would have already viewed in the pre-event safety information. This will be regarded as your second and final warning in relation to safety matters. 

  6. Hygiene 

    1. There will be hand sanitiser available in our main garage.

    2. Please wash your hands regularly.

  7. Clothing

    1. Helmets

      1. As always helmets are required for all on-track activities.

    2. Balaclava

      1. Balaclava’s are not mandatory however are suggested.

    3. Gloves (driving)

      1. Again, not mandatory but recommended, especially if you are receiving instruction and there is a chance that your instructor will drive your car.

      2. Our instructors will also have their own gloves to wear if driving your car.

    4. Facemasks

      1. We are not mandating the use of facemasks as this is not required under the current health regulations.

  8. In-car Instruction

    1. We will still be providing in-car instruction.

    2. Your instructor will spend less time in the car observing your driving than previously.

    3. Helmets (and balaclavas should remain on at all times when in the car)

    4. We will be using PitBox to provide driver feedback and we encourage you to bring your own laptop/tablet to view the instructor’s comments from your sessions. 

  9. Catering

    1. Catering will be provided by the venue and served in accordance with health management requirements. 

    2. There will not be a full lunch break for drivers at the same time, you will be able to have your lunch at any time. 

    3. AVOID CROWDING IN LUNCH AREA, if others are already there please wait and return later. 

    4. Any snacks/fruit/etc provided by Evolve Driving will be limited to single pack wrapped items (sorry we won’t have our usual great pastries, cakes, etc.).

  10. Crew/Guests


    2. If you need to have a mechanic/crew member to run your car, please maintain social distancing in garages. You are restricted to the 1 person per vehicle. 

  11. Venue Operations

    1. Any venue requirements may override our rules and regulations and any of the above items may be policed by the venue. 

  12. Sub-Contractors

    1. All sub-contractors engaged by Evolve Driving have provided their own COVID-19 management plans. 

    2. Each entity has demonstrated that they have appropriate management protocols to meet all government health regulations.  

    3. Sub-contractors are wholly responsible for managing their profession in accordance with government health regulations. 

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