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1st March 2024 - Sandown Raceway

PERFORMANCE 1 (P1+): Driver Development

Women's specific drive group

The Women's specific drive group has been designed to give a comfortable environment to share the track with other female drivers, hopefully encouraging more women to join this exciting activity.

How does the Women's Specific Drive Group differ from a normal P1 booking?


- You will have a dedicated professional female instructor allocated to the group. 

- There will be additional Performance Driving presentations provided.

- The drive sessions will be formatted with a focused speed build up through the morning sessions.

- The group will have their own garages and on-track driving group.

- All of the drivers in the group will be sharing the journey of Performance Driving together.

This package is suitable for participants with all levels of experience but is designed to help break down gender barriers and develop Performance Driving skills for on track enjoyment at all event types.

Regardless of your goals, it is pure fun!


  • 6 x 20min on track sessions

  • 3 x professional 'in car' instruction

  • 2 x off-track Performance Driving presentations

  • Off-track personal driver briefings

  • Garage Hire (shared - 2 cars per garage)

  • Maximum 12 cars per drive group, all female driver group

  • Minimal on-track traffic

  • Great Coffee/Smoothies/Snacks, hot buffet lunch & refreshments


The program includes the following key learning objectives:

  • Motorsport cornering skills

  • Making a circuit ‘flow’ for faster lap times

  • Advanced braking techniques

  • Dealing with the 'track day' environment


This is a non-competitive environment & there is no need for special licenses (valid road license accepted).​


Evolve 'The Driver'

to make you faster!

Our Performance Driving events are designed to give you the thrill of enjoying the true performance of your car on the racetrack. Depending on your goals you can simply drive your car safely without speed limits or we can help you take steps towards driving competitively. Our professional instructors will guide you for the best performance. 

The course runs for a full day at race circuits across Australia including iconic locations like Bathurst, Phillip Island and The Bend. The format is focused on providing drivers with the chance to develop their skills during a full day of action. Our professional instructor team will guide you through the day, demonstrating a range of motorsport skills to help improve your driving and enjoy the unrestricted performance of your car safely on track. With our controlled small group sizes you will get plenty of quality track time to develop your driving without pressure. 


Along with the instruction received on the day, you will also receive a personalized cloud-based evaluation to use as a reference for future events so that you can continue to develop your skills beyond the Evolve Driving events.

For more information, please visit our Performance Driving FAQ page.

Participant Requirements

- Australian standards approved helmet

- Your car in road/track worthy condition 

*(Sandown: noise max 75db strictly policed by venue staff)

*(P.Island & Winton: noise max 95db strictly policed by venue staff)

- Suitable brake pad material & fluid for high performance driving

- Passenger seat & harness (or suitable seat belts) for in car tuition

- Standard road licence accepted

Booking policy: (Full booking terms here)

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