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Carter and Mitch

Carter Fox

Carter is a new addition to the Evolve Driving team and has quickly proven himself to be a passionate, level headed and caring instructor. 


First Car:  2010 Diesel Golf 

Grew up: Nah

...Bayside & Hawaii

Interests outside of motorsport: Watersports, skating and just having a good time.

Favourite book: Jackie Stewart's Principles of Performance Driving

Favourite movie: Big Wednesday

Started racing: Kating at 4 & 944 Challenge at 19

A Racing Story: Dodging a car parked across the middle of the track at the exit of turn 1 Phillip Island over 160kph past the nose of the other car, less than a foot gap between the cars. The onboard is pretty good.


Why Evolve: The great team and environment to work in, being able to travel to work in different locations and how rewarding it is to see drivers develop.


Motivation: To be able to build a career as an International Racing driver & Driving instructor.

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