Evolve 'The Driver' to make you faster!


Our Performance Driving course is designed to give you the thrill of enjoying the true performance of your car on the race track. Depending on your goals you can simply enjoy your car safely on track or we can help you take steps towards driving competitively.


Regardless of your goals, it's pure fun!


The course runs for a full day at one of the many race circuits across Australia and is focused on providing a full day of action. Our professional instructor team will guide you through the day, demonstrating a range of motorsport skills to help improve your driving and enjoy the unrestricted performance of your car safely on track. With our controlled group sizes you will get plenty of quality track time to develop your driving without pressure. 


Along with the tuition received on the day, you will also receive a personalized evaluation to use as a reference for future events so that you can continue to work on developing your skills.


The program includes the following key learning objectives:

  • Motorsport cornering skills

  • How to make a circuit 'flow' for faster lap times

  • Advanced braking techniques

Non-competitive environment & no need for special licenses (valid road license accepted)


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