What is

EVOLVE Driver Training & Events?


Evolve Driver Training & Events was established to provide professional Driver Training & Drive Event programs to private and corporate drivers. 


Our aim is to Evolve 'The Driver' - Attitude, Awareness & Technique - beyond other road safety measures to help reduce the crash risk of all road users. 

     Our Experience


Evolve Driver Training & Events was established by professional driver trainer Dean Sammut after 12 years delivering thousands of road safety, performance driving and corporate event programs across Australia. Through this experience Dean recognized that not only do drivers need to evolve but so too does the way drivers are trained. 


Participation in any of our programs will be fun, challenging and rewarding. Our experience in designing and coordinating corporate drive events ranging in size from 1-on-1 through to 100's of participants means your experience with us will be a success.  

      Why Driver Training?


Over the past 30 years we have seen the implementation of many road safety actions by governments, police and vehicle manufacturers, some of which have helped to significantly reduce the fatality rate, yet the crash rate* and driver frustration is continually increasing. 


Unfortunately one crucial area of change has been neglected - how drivers are trained! 

The training of drivers is not just relevant to new drivers who need to be taught more than how to pass a licence test but also extends to experienced drivers, how we help them to understand the substantial change in road conditions and vehicle technology that we have had in recent years. 

      Our Instructor Team


The Evolve Driver Training & Events instructor team are selected on their ability to communicate the key messages and demonstrate optimum driving techniques. The team are not just 'trainers' who simply deliver course content, they are passionate about our programs and engage all participants to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience on any one of our courses. 


Most of our instructor team have motor racing experience including at Australia's top level motorsport competition of V8 Supercars, however they all have a passion to help develop better and safer drivers on our roads & tracks, after all, we all share the roads together. 

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