Driver Training & Event Programs

A list of the Driver Training & Drive Event programs that are offered by Evolve Driver Training & Events is listed below with links to specific pages for further details. 
Defensive Road Safety

​Our Defensive Road Safety proram is designed to improve driver Attitude, Awareness & Technique to achieve real road safety crash rate reductions.

We 'Evolve The Driver' to be safer!


For Businesses ...

Manage your workplace risk for staff who drive

For Private Drivers ...

You will be amazed at what they never taught you about the 'simple task' of driving!

Corporate Drive Day programs

We have the resources to cater for all forms of Corporate Drive Day Events, let us know what you want to achieve and we will develop a suitable format to meet your goals.

We 'Evolve The Event' to build your team or promote your brand, product or service. 


We have worked with a variety of companies varying from non-profit to corporate and retail. 

Performance Driving events

Our Performance Driving events are designed to give you the thrill of enjoying the true performance of your car on the race track.

We 'Evolve The Driver' to be faster!


Depending on your goals we can help you to simply enjoy your car safely on track or we can help you take steps towards driving competitively.


Regardless of your goals it's pure fun!

Driver Coaching

For a personalized approach to improving your driving. 


The One-On-One coaching system will help you to redfine your performance. If you are looking to progress at club, state or national level racing or if you want to sharpen your on road defensive awareness then you will you benefit from this program. 


Programs include pre event planning, event coaching and mentoring and post event evaluation. 

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